Ultimate Guide To Smokeless Coal

What is smokeless coal?

Smokeless coal is a good choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment. Smokeless coal is a sort of coal that burns more cleanly than standard coal. While traditional coal emits smoke and pollution when burned, smokeless coal produces little to no smoke, making it a more environmentally-friendly option.

Most smokeless coal is produced by pulverizing bituminous coal into a fine powder and then compacting it into pellets or ovals. The compacting process helps reduce the amount of smoke and volatile matter emitted when burning coal. Smokeless coal typically burns more slowly and evenly than house coal, making it a more efficient and environmentally-friendly choice. The only natural smokeless coal is Anthracite. Anthracite is high-quality coal that burns long and gives a lot of heat, making it a popular choice for home and commercial use.

Smokeless coal is Cost-Effective

Smokeless coal is an incredibly cost-effective way to heat your home. Not only does it produce more heat than traditional coal, but it also produces very little smoke. This means you won’t have to worry about your home filling up with smoke and won’t have to pay for chimney cleaning services.

Efficient heat output

Smokeless coal can be a highly efficient type of coal to burn. Smokeless coal has a lower moisture content than other types of coal, which means it burns more efficiently and produces less pollution. Additionally, smokeless coal produces less ash than house coal, meaning it is easier to clean up after burning. Smokeless coal burns longer and gives an excellent heat output. It is an efficient fuel that is suited for a variety of applications.


There are many pros and cons to burning any type of coal, it is hard to tell whether smokeless coal is better for the environment. On the plus side, because smokeless coal burns more slowly and at a lower temperature, it produces less carbon dioxide and other emissions than regular coal. Additionally, making and using smokeless coal is generally less harmful to the environment than that of different types of coal. However, some types of smokeless coal still produce emissions that can damage air quality. Mining and production of smokeless coal can still negatively impact the environment.

What type of fireplaces is suitable to burn with smokeless coal?

Smokeless coal can be burned in an open firestove, or multipurpose fireplace without creating too much smoke. Many believe that smokeless coal is a safer and more efficient way to heat their homes.

Important! Some types of smokeless coals are not approved for use in multi-fuel stoves. Ask your supplier before you buy!

Smokeless coal in bags

In Ireland, smokeless coal is usually sold in bags that weigh 40kg or 20kg. Coal merchants will typically have it delivered in bags to sell. You can also find it in a smaller pack suitable for stoves. A great way to keep coal is to use coal bunkers.

Where can I buy smokeless coal in Ireland?

If you’re looking for premium smokeless coal in Ireland, your best bet is to check out a trusted online retailer. There are a few different retailers that sell smokeless coal online, so you’ll need to compare prices and shipping costs to find the best deal. Additionally, make sure to read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of the coal you’re considering purchasing.

Use only good quality, dry smokeless coal

Smokeless coal is designed to be burned dry at a high temperature to produce minimal smoke. Burning damp smokeless coal will produce a significant amount of smoke. In addition, wet smokeless coal will not burn as hot as dry smokeless coal, which means that it will not produce as much heat.

Clean the grate and ashpan before using smokeless coal

If you plan to build a smokeless fire, clear the grate and ashpan first. By doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of smoke that’s produced and make it easier to light the fire. Additionally, it’s a good practice to keep your fireplace clean.

How to light smokeless coal in stove?


Smokeless coal is an excellent choice for your fireplace for several reasons. First, it burns cleaner than traditional coal, producing less soot and ash. Second, it is more efficient, meaning that you’ll get more heat from less coal. And finally, it’s easier to light and keep lit, so you’ll spend less time tending to the fire. It is an alternative for firewood. However, you must know if you can burn logs in your coal fireplace.